Lamp from A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story, Arkansas Repertory

"Justin R.G. Holcomb nails the loud, yet lovable Old Man role" - Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"Justin R. G. Holcomb plays the boisterous Old Man with all the redblooded grit you could hope for,
with just a smidge more tenderness, an even more imaginative vocabulary and an insatiable turkey lust."
- Little Rock Soiree Magazine

"Justin R.G. Holcomb as The Old Man deserves a review of his very own,
with an elastic face that had me rolling in the aisles." - The Arkansas Times

Cheers Live on Stage, National Tour

"Justin R.G. Holcomb is funny as an inebriated tour guide who finds any reason possible to lure his flock into the Boston bar."

-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre Review

Cheer Live Onstage

Two by Tennessee: 27 Wagons Full of Cotton & The Kingdom of Earth, Off-Broadway

"Silva Vicarro (played with tantalizing restraint by Justin R G Holcomb) . . . That priceless moment when Vicarro learns what happened, by the way, is an exquisite piece of wordless acting by Holcomb." -Jed Ryan, Huffington Post

"Justin Holcomb nails the aggressiveness of Silva." -William Wolf, New York Calling

"Holcomb . . . does make Vicarro shrewd and knowing." -Victor Gluck, Theatre Scene

Show Boat!, Westchester Broadway Theatre

“And a special shout-out to Justin R.G. Holcomb, who plays the evil Pete so well you hate him even when he is not on stage.”

- Wayne J. Keeley, Pillow Talking

Stockholm Savings, FringeNYC

“As local cop Ochenson, Justin R.G. Holcomb found great ground in his strength. Or was it simply immense manipulation?”

-Michael Block, Theatre in the Now

Sayonara, Off-Broadway

… even more overtly cruel is the gestapo-like Colonel Craford, who is portrayed with sadistic glee by Justin R.G. Holcomb. You might want to stand up and cheer when he finally gets punched in the face.

Zachary Stewart, Theater Mania

Justin R.G. Holcomb as Colonel Craford does a fine job of embodying the venomous intolerance that prevailed.

Griffin Miller, City Guide Magazine

Justin R. G. Holcomb delivers a delectable villain as the bullying Colonel Craford.

 - Ronald Gross, New York Theater Buying Guide
Colonel Craford (Justin R.G. Holcomb) is a veritable Inspector Javert . . . always on the lookout for soldiers fraternizing with local women.

- Michael Bracken, Curtain Up

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Macbeth, PICT Classic Theatre

Holcomb’s Banquo is charismatic. He is even a commanding presence in his silent scenes as a ghost.

-   Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli, ‘Burgh Vivant

Honor Bound, Off-Broadway

As the editor, Justin R.G. Holcomb is technically and emotionally outstanding. He effortlessly delivers many lengthy speeches commandingly and captures the essence of the character.

- Darryl Reilly,
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Crucifer of Blood
The Crucifer of Blood, PICT Classic Theatre

As Dr. Watson, Justin R.G. Holcomb gives a gentle and understated performance that ideally fits the character
 – F.J. Hartland, Pittsburgh City Paper

Hamlet, The Hudson Guild Theatre

We’d be remiss not to mention Justin R.G. Holcomb’s Claudius, a natural fit.


The Moose That Roared
, The Brick

Justin Holcomb plays Teddy with a perfect blend of bravado and sincerity.

- Richard Hinojosa,

Teddy Roosevelt, played with the considered bluster that Justin R. G. Holcomb has made an artform and which makes him born for this role.

Bunny Lake is Missing
, The Brick

Justin R. G. Holcomb makes a fine police lieutenant

 – Andy Webster, New York Times

Justin R.G. Holcomb popping peanuts in his kisser as he spools out the play’s reveal is absolutely worth the price of admission.

 – Trav S.D., Travalanche

A Christmas Story, 2011
Actors Theatre of Louisville

Justin R.G. Holcomb, as Ralphie’s Old Man, is hilarious in his physicality and vocal depth.

-Michelle Rynbrandt,

Jessica Wortham and Justin R. G. Holcomb reprise their roles of Mother and The Old Man from last years production and I’m so glad that they did. They were a ton of fun and succeed in being reminiscent of the iconic performances from the film while still creating their own roles and their chemistry together was great.

- Brian Walker, Theatre Louisville

… the on-stage couple portrayed by Justin Holcomb and Jessica Wortham are significant standouts. Holcomb returns to the role from last year’s outing and his effortless dismay as a father that struggles to find triumph in write-in trivia contests and victory over rebellious household appliances is both hilarious and enthralling. There are moments of interaction between Holcomb and Wortham, especially during a handful of notable fantasy sequences bringing life to Ralphie’s ample imagination, where the pair work in tandem, Holcomb with his wild eyes and disheveled hair, and Wortham with sweeping gestures and facial expression reminiscent of SNL’s Kristen Wiig, to cultivate some truly palpable physical comedy.

Chris Ritter,

Channeling Kevin Spacey
, Off-Boradway

Charlie (Justin R.G. Holcomb), a beefy everyman . . . parodies the actor's (Pacino's) macho excesses in high style.

-A.J. Mell, Backstage

Holcomb is an affable performer who clearly relishes getting the chance to channel his own inner Pacino performance after performance.

- Mark Peikert , NY Press

Justin R. G. Holcomb plays Charlie with a straightforwardness that is endearing even when the character is in situations that are absurd, and handles the huge amount of narration using a well-timed mug to the audience to make us feel in on the joke and keep us engaged.

- Aimee Todoroff,

There's definitely a fine line between comedy and tragedy, and Holcomb's stellar impressions usually keep us laughing through his misfortunes.

- Chris Kompanek,

Monster, Off-Broadway

Justin R. G. Holcomb offers an "indelible the boy's estranged adoptive father, a Vietnam veteran also suffering from the effects of agent orange"

- Backstage

Unnecessary Farce, Gulfshore Playhouse

A superb Justin Holcomb delivers the finest brogue this side of Brigadoon - and crosses his legs before sitting down in his kilt.

Chris Silk, Naples Daily News


The performance of Justin R. G. Holcomb, returning in the role of The Old Man, illustrates the contrast. Last year he was a highlight, but this year he accentuates the slapstick of wrestling with the furnace and escaping the neighbor’s dogs, once again leading the cast in hard-earned laughs.

- Keith Waits, Theatre Louisville

Henry VI, part iii, CSC

The Earl of Warwick, to my mind the most interesting personage in Shakespeare's story . . . Justin R.G. Holcomb gives Warwick dimension and interest. 

- Martin Denton,

A Brief History of Murder,The Brick

Justin R.G. Holcomb as Detective Chamber is an authentic find. I can see him being typecast in a never ending parade of police captains and farmhands but that would avail nothing if he were not so on the money in his measured, specific performance. I await his next stage turn with eagerness.

- Trav S. D., Travalanche

A Christmas Story, Actors Theatre of Louisville

Justin R. G. Holcomb was right on the money as The Old Man, churning up a righteous comic fury over the creaky old furnace or the neighbor's dogs, not to mention his almost unnatural devotion to the garish, erotic totem that he receives in the mail as a contest reward. Darren McGavin's performance of this role in the film is legend, but Mr. Holcomb beautifully captures that same spirit. 

- Keith Waits, Theatre Louisville

Spacemen from Space, The Brick

Justin RG Holcomb as Adam’s explosive radio producer Chip Kaiser sets a new standard for back-row bombast (and his simple “Ah’ll see yew at BREHK-fast” is the new “Release the Kraken”). 

-Adam McGovern , Comic Critique

Dangerous Corner, Boomerang Theatre Company

Justin R. Holcomb, understudying the role of Charles Stanton in this performance, is entirely convincing as an impeccably dressed businessman who easily announces shocking sins to his colleagues without ever losing the smile on his face.

-Adrienne Cea, offoffonline

Special kudos go to Justin Holcomb's commanding performance as Stanton, who, I was shocked to discover, was an understudy

-Larry Kunofsky,

Justin R.G. Holcomb made a wonderfully smarmy Stanton (filling in for another actor who's having knee surgery).

- Duncan Pflaster,

Note: The role of Charles Stanton was played by Justin Holcomb and not Anthony Bertram, as we were advised Mr. Bertram sustained a knee injury and had to be replaced at the last minute.
Final Note: Mr. Bertram we wish well and hope you get back soon, because Mr. Justin Holcomb was so great filling in, you might have lost an opportunity.

-Retrovision Corner

"Lion Tamer", Couples

Lion Tamer is the most bizarre of all the scenes – balancing Noel Coward-style witticism with the sex-charged writing of Jackie Collins. Justin R.G. Holcomb as “A Man” is viewing the apartment of “A Woman” (Christine Verleny) with a view to rent or purchase. As they flirt urbanely their dialogue becomes more charged until Man begins to tell how he “mounted” a lioness while on safari. Holcomb’s wave of dark blond hair and sensuous delivery create a performance that is both leonine and seductive, despite the disturbing imagery.

-David Orchard, Stage Buzz

In Lion Tamer, the boldest and most memorable piece, a man gets a sexy and scenic real estate tour. Christine Verleney and Justin R.G. Holcomb (a Woman and a Man) smolder in their carnal banter, but their unique circumstances would be hard to swallow were it not for the commitment that these comic heavyweights make to be playful.

-Cindy Pierre, New Theatre Corps

While all 16 actors are well-cast and entertaining, there are a handful of standouts. . .Justin R.G. Holcomb, as "A Man" in Lion Tamer walks the line between reserved and absurd, with surprises at every turn.

-Robin Reed,

Lion Tamer, also directed by Philip Emeott, is one of the all-around strongest plays of the evening.  Sexy, funny, and disturbing, it features a verbal tango of seduction between a woman selling her house (Christine Verleny) and a man (Justin R.G. Holcomb) who wants it . . . and her.  Holcomb and Verleny have wonderful chemistry and are well suited to this sly, sexy play

-Byrne Harrison, off-off


Young Zombies in Love

Another high point is "Ballad of a Lonely Commando," sung by Justin R.G. Holcomb as the S.W.A.T. King.

-Maggie Cino,

Justin R. G. Holcomb had a huge presence as the S.W.A.T. King

- Michael Lazan, Backstage

Love in the Insecurity Zone

Hank, played with deceptive mildness by Justin R.G. Holcomb

-Randy Kandel, Show Business

King Lear

In addition to exciting choreographed fight scenes and realistic blood and guts depictions, other fine performances were delivered by Justin R. G. Holcomb (a cunning and sadistic Cornwall),

-Fred McKinnon,